Basic information

Pohled z roku 1923
The town of Libčice nad Vltavou
is situated north-westerly from Prague in a deep valley of the river Vltava, bordered by conspicuous rocky massives. In present times, the population is 3200. The territory was settled already in primeval ages. The first reference to Libčice is in the founding document of the monastery of Břevnov from the year 993. The knotty branch in the town's emblem reminds this ancient history. Later Libčice belonged to the mansions of Zbraslav and Nelahozeves. Libčice nad Vltavou had its rise in connection of three primary settlements - Libčice, Letky and Chýnov. Due to the railway, the originally agricultural region started to develop industrially in the second half of the 19th century.The Libčice wake is a traditional event which takes part every year in the weekend following the feast of St. Bartholomew /24th August/. The wake has a rich cultural and sporting programme taking part on many places in the town.

Kostel sv. Bartoloměje Catholic church of St. Bartholomew
The baroque church of St. Bartholomew was built during years 1763 - 1766 on the place of the original Romanesque and subsequently in Gothic style rebuilt church. It was consecrated in 1769. The paintings remind the martyrdom of St. Bartholomew, St. Joseph, St. Cyril, Method, St. Wenceslas and St. John of Nepomuk. The bell St. Bartholomew has gone till present days through all periods of war when the bells had been confiscated. The church is registered on the list of immovable cultural monuments.

Socha Krista - F. BílekStatue of Christ on the Catholic cemetery
The original Catholic cemetery was beside the church of St. Bartholomew. In 1854 the new cemetery was set up. Its object of interest and a cultural monument is the above life-size statue of Christ decorating one of the graves. Author of the monument is the known sculptor Frantiąek Bílek.

Evangelic church
Fundation stone was laid in 1863. The evangelic church of the Unity of Brethren was consecrated in 1867. On the front of the building is a memorial tablet with the relief of Jan Hus. The interior is very simple and austere in conformity with the Calvinistic way of piety. Many other parishes were assigned to this church as it was the only church of Brethren in surrounding area. The evangelic cemetery was built up in a natural setting outside the inhabited town's area already before the church was risen.

Libčické koupalištěBathing pool
The bathing pool is located in a nice natural area surrounded by verdure. Visitors can enjoy a swimming pool 50 m and a children's pool. The area offers also performing of other sports and a refreshment

City plan
Archaeologists determined three large groups of human primeval dwellings and burial grounds from findings on the town territory where also a Celtic village was discovered. The excavations from Libčice are well known concepts of the Czech archaeology.

Water pover plant Libčice - Dolany
In 1998 a modern water power plant using the energy of the river was brought into operation on the left bank of Vltava. The technological equipment consists of two horizontal Kaplan turbines. The environs of the plant is made up as a park and serves to the public as a place of repose.

The ferry connects Libčice with the right shore of the river Vltava. It is one of the last preserved ferries on the lower part of the river. Regular time schedule is maintained, Saturdays and Sundays including. Pathways on both the right and left shores of Vltava, thanks to their romantic location, attract tourists to walking or cycling outings.

How can you get to Libčice?
By car from Prague 6 - Dejvice in direction of Roztoky or Kralupy n/Vlt. By train from Prague - Masaryk station in direction of Kralupy n/Vlt. On foot or by bike - from Prague /Troja/ on the right bank of Vltava or using the same route as by car.